The Maryland Renaissance Festival (October 2013)







We made our way to Renfest today. Our friends Adam and Alex invited us to accompany them. Even knowing we would be bringing the childrens with us! Everyone seemed to have a very good time, most especially the kids.

On the last weekend of Renfest the last thing you should do is aim to be there at 11:30. We were meant to arrive at 11AM, but were held up with a little getting out the door with kids trouble. It took us about 75 minutes to get to the line of cars waiting to get in. It took us 150 minutes to close the final three miles and park. So. It was an auspicious start!

But, once we got in and met up with Adam and Alex there was food! And, they should have sent a poet. I had Mac and cheese on a stick! And steak on a stick! And cheesecake on a stick! And fudge on a stick! And pretzel dogs! And corn dog bites! And apple fritters! And caramel apple slices! And brownie sundaes! Ok. Maybe or maybe not I ate all that. But these were options. Any way. Great food was had by all!

And then there was the jousting event. Which was totally rad. Totally rad. Alex encouraged to head over early to snag optimum seats. And, yes. Best idea of the day. Front row seats on the staging end. It was mad. Totally mad. Horses charging. Huzzah-ing. Lances breaking. Wow. Claire and Harper both were into every minute of it. Well, Harper was mostly continually alerting us to the presence of large animals. Claire was cheering as loud as she could.

There was face painting, rock climbing, pony rides and cosplay. People watching was the second best feature of the day. Say what you will about cosplay enthusiasts, but I say they are amazing. And their earnest interest and investment single handedly raises the enjoyment factor for everyone. So, actually: think what you will, but, respect. Or, we’ll have words, sirrah.

Aside from the mass traffic jam getting into the place, we all had a great time. And, I’m really glad we took the kids. Really glad. Some additional pictures and videos will follow this, I think.

Most importantly, thanks for inviting us out there Adam and Alex! We never would have thought to go otherwise and it was a blast! Thanks!

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