Loudly After The Fall, Fastly Before The Fall



Hubris finds us all. This place has an upstairs with a few of arcade games available. Claire and sundry children went upstairs to play and Claire hooked a toe in an area rug and face planted into the arcade chair. I was downstairs, then upstairs in about five steps. Yikes. Lots of blood. Face wounds. They bleed.

She split about a half inch worth of skin right by her right eye. It sounds bad, but she could have just as easily landed on the eye instead of by it. It was pretty apparent stitches were necessary. Brandon, dubbed B and re dubbed Bumble Bee on today’s adventure, drove while I navigated and Danielle held Claire.

We went to an urgent care center and they smartly referred us to the Knoxville Children’s Hospital. And away we went, thirty miles down the road. It went pretty well. They stitched Claire. Gave her some medicine to make her copacetic with having a wound by her eye stitched. Which basically left her acting stoned. So. Funny! HA. Ahh well.

Then we made our way back. Where she climbed in her tent and went to bed. So. We will see how she handles a six stitch face wound tonight and tomorrow. Let the adventure continue.

Harper’s still having a great time! And I had deer sausage for lunch. Sooo. Still winning!

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