A Professional Opinion


When we picked up the kids tonight, the folks there said Harper couldn’t come back without a doctor’s note because they think she has the pink eye.

“Did they tell you about Harper?”
“Um. No?”
“She can’t come back with out a doctor’s note.”
“Did she bite someone?”
“They think she has the pink eye.”
“Well. Okay. What made you think that?”
“Eye boogers.”
“Eye boogers?”
“Eye boogers and pink eyes.”
“Did the nurse look at her?”
“We don’t have a nurse.”
“Okay. Well. I guess we’ll see.”

At any rate, Danielle took Harper to the doctor tonight to confirm she didn’t have pink eye while Claire and I stayed home and read comic books and watched Justice League.

Harper does not have pink eye. She has the same cold Danielle and I do. But, no pink eye.

There are two points here. First, the value of a professional opinion is a mixed bag depending on the vocation and the situation. Second, there is no point arguing with a differently fielded professional who has made up their mind.

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