Happy Thanksgiving 2013




A belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We spent ours at my parents house with my sister. Everyone had a pretty good time.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Danielle, Diana, Claire and myself went to see Frozen at the theater. After, we went out for Chinese food. Who knows, maybe a new Thanksgiving tradition! We all thoroughly enjoyed Frozen. But, best Disney Animated picture since The Lion King? That’s a stretch billboard!

My mom made a great meal, which was enjoyed by all.

As my mom has noted elsewhere, Claire used our annual Thanksgiving Picture moment to steal a dollop of mashed potatoes. With her finger. So, it’s pretty clear we’ve been doing something right with that kid.

Harper helped us end the night by spending about four hours returning the contents of her stomach. Which, I think you’ll agree, was a truly special way to conclude Thanksgiving.

My thinking is that for Thanksgiving last year, I worked ten nights in a row, during which I had the flu and my family was out of town. This year was a definite improvement! For which I’m thankful.

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