The Great Disney Trip – Day 1 Part 2








Dinner at 1900 Park Fare had reasonable good food. It was one of the best series of cast interactions. We were fortunate to have Anastasia, Druzilla and Lady Tremaine spend a bit of time chatting with Claire.

Claire mentioned to Anastasia the crying at one of the other tables. Anastasia told her that Cinderella cries, too, so she can steal all the attention and that Claire should tell her not to cry so much when she sees her. Claire agreed and immediately called out Harper for crying. It was hilarious. As hilarious as Anastasia’s reaction to that interpretation.

Druzilla played dolls with Claire for awhile. Claire invited her and her family over to our house to make cookies. If you notice, Claire started trying to pose like them.

Lady Tremaine spent quite a bit of time listening to Claire talk. Claire told her about the crying and Harper. She told her about inviting Druzilla and her family to our house for cookies. The Lady subtly rebuffed Claire for not having a grandiose invitation for her. Claire told her about a lot of stuff.

Cinderella also came by and talked with Claire about her dress. But, as the character everyone was there to see, we didn’t really have the same interaction time.

Prince Charming was pretty cool though. He danced with Claire.

I was really happy about that. Cinderella and the Prince danced briefly and Claire spent the following five minutes telling how much she’d like to dance with him. So, I think it made her night.


All in, it was a great way to kick off the trip.

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