The Great Disney Trip – Day 2 Part 2








Dinner at Crystal Palace was a character meet function for the cast of Winnie the Pooh. When you’re kid has a Mommy Pooh and two iterations of Daddy Pooh, a Winnie the Pooh dinner date is a must do!

I can tell from her expression alone in the pictures that this was super cool for her. I’m glad it was. I can’t imagine what it’s like to meet a larger than life version of your bear. It’s like Calvin actually meeting Hobbes.

Harper, on the other hand, seemed totally weirded out by it. Or, possibly she thought she’d fallen in to the television. I particularly love her expression in the Eeyore photo.

Claire really got into the idea of taking photos. So, we tried to make sure she could do some shooting of her own. But, waking out of the park that night, you could tell she felt like she owned the place. The Great Disney Trip was shaping up to be quite the success.

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