The Great Disney Trip – Day 3 Part 1











Sorry for the delay. I’ve been working some extra hours.

We went to Tusker House in Animal Kingdom for breakfast. It was a meet the cast event with Safari Mickey and friends making appearances. You know, a lot of these things are buffet style food. Which, with two young kids, means somebody stays at the table and somebody goes to collect food. So, if you go, just be sure to have your drinks waiter let you know the route and time line the characters take. It’s stressful to be at the table on your own with the kids wondering who will arrive first. Also, assume their timeline is wrong by at least an order of magnitude.

Harper started to consider warming up to the idea of giant cartoon characters interacting with her in real life. But, mostly, she was keen on their doughnuts.

Three quarters of our way through the meal, Daisy Duck led a conga line for all of the children in our section. They got noise makers and played thematic music. It was cool. Claire conga’d and Harper watched with a What Is Going On Here?!? expression.

After that, we had fast passes for the Jungle Safari tour. It’s a ride in giant land yacht of a vehicle. I enjoyed the ride and was pleased with the park. I have no memory of having been there. They had a neat selection of animals. Claire seemed, I’m not sure what the right word would be. I want to say unimpressed. Claire seemed unimpressed. She thought the animals were cool. She enjoyed breakfast. But, the rest of our time in the Animal Kingdom – excepting The Festival of the Lion King – she was mostly like “When can we go ride Peter Pan?”

Which, let’s be clear, I’m fine with that. People aren’t going to like everything. For various reasons. I enjoyed the park and so did Danielle and Harper. Harper went through the safari ride pointing and going “WOW, doggy!”

We all enjoyed the Festival of the Lion King. We had fast passes for it and that made it much less stressful with much better seats. Well, Harper slept. And, Claire took that last picture. In fact, I want to say Claire’s indifference might have been exhaustion because she made it to the end of the show and pretty much blacked out.

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