CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN: Nobody Has The Energy to Panic


Harper started barfing last night at about a quarter to nine. This continued substantively until about half past midnight. Then she dry heaved pretty regularly until about seven in morning.

So. That happened. It’s a toss up whether it’s a food reaction or a virus. I figure we will know for certain by Tuesday night.

At any rate. Talk about kicking a person while they’re down. Updates as relevant.

We Are Still Alive IV: Endgame


What a week! Things didn’t go quite to plan. Tuesday was a snow day. But, Wednesday, I was back at work. Trudging down an uncleared side walk in negative temperatures with the wind chill. All good fun, though, to be sure.

Danielle has pretty well cleared all the flu symptoms. She’s still having the heart rate problem. So. It’s an ongoing concern. I’m not quite over the sinus infection. But, the kids are healthy and full of energy!

I’m not really sure why they put all the little people in the oven. I don’t think it means anything. I did feel it noteworthy. I have hopes things will veer back towards something more normal – or at least more sustainable – next week.

We Are Still Alive III: The Sorceror


Well. Things are trending in a positive direction. Which is something. Danielle’s heart rate is still not good. But, the larger flu symptoms seem to have passed. We working on addressing the heart rate. It isn’t dangerous. But, it also isn’t not dangerous. More on that later.

My flu turned into a sinus infection. That’s passing. Harper appears to have just had a cold. I think Claire is getting the cold. We do appear to be off DEFCON 2 though. And that is something.

At this rate, it looks like I will return to work on Tuesday. Danielle may be out for some of next week . That all depends on what happens with the excessive heart rate.

Expect normal posts to resume once things return to, well. Normal.

We Are Still Alive II: The Awesomening

Sorry for the lack of update. I’ve been really busy the last few days.

Danielle is sick with the H1N1 variety of the flu. We spent most of the night at the hospital on Thursday. She’s improving, but very slowly. Baby seems to be doing well.

I’m going to have to be home today to take care of her. She’s guaranteed out of work the rest of the week. We are hoping she will be well enough to be moving around the house by Tuesday. But for now, she doesn’t have the energy to navigate the house without assistance.

Harper has developed a light fever and a cough in the last twelve hours. We’ve got an appointment today at 2pm to get her tested for the flu again. She tested negative on Saturday, so hopefully it’s just allergies or a cold. But. We will see.

I will update as time and information allow.

We Are All Still Alive

Sorry for the hiatus, folks! I forgot to renew my extra storage to host all these pictures and videos and so I couldn’t post. Well, if I had remembered to go in and renew it I could. But, every time I remembered my wallet was elsewhere.

Christmas was good. I had the flu last week on vacation. Super rad! Danielle has it now. Which when you’re 28 weeks pregnant necessarily means a trip to the hospital. Well, flu, asthma and pregnant are not the best combo.

So, that’s where I am. Mostly I think we’re here to make sure she doesn’t also have the pneumonia. Otherwise life has been good. Aside from being sick on vacation, it was nice to have time off. Especially, after working all those long weeks.

Expect posts to resume in the immediate future. This flu business will be time consuming, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t immediately kick back into high gear. In the coming months, I’ll be working normal hours and life should be relatively sedate until the start of April.