We Are Still Alive II: The Awesomening

Sorry for the lack of update. I’ve been really busy the last few days.

Danielle is sick with the H1N1 variety of the flu. We spent most of the night at the hospital on Thursday. She’s improving, but very slowly. Baby seems to be doing well.

I’m going to have to be home today to take care of her. She’s guaranteed out of work the rest of the week. We are hoping she will be well enough to be moving around the house by Tuesday. But for now, she doesn’t have the energy to navigate the house without assistance.

Harper has developed a light fever and a cough in the last twelve hours. We’ve got an appointment today at 2pm to get her tested for the flu again. She tested negative on Saturday, so hopefully it’s just allergies or a cold. But. We will see.

I will update as time and information allow.

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