Claire, Photographer










Last Monday, I spent quite a bit of time shoveling snow. When I came in for a break and some water, Claire wanted to take some pictures of me. Obliged, I tried out some different poses. Unfortunately, I’m not an ambi-turner.

Just A Small Thought



I believe I owe a final installment of the Disney Trip posts. But, what I will say is that these two pictures pretty well capture the value of the trip. In my book. I love Claire’s expression in the Pooh photo. And Harper’s What Is Going On Here look rather encapsulated her whole view of the trip. The television came to life!

I will find time to finish those posts up. Some day. Soonish.

Since We Last Saw Our Heroes




Well. It hasn’t been an easy three months. I’ll tell you that much. We just went through another round of the stomach bug in the house. And it was a beast. Fortunately, it’s effects don’t seem to be as long lasting as some of the other diseases.

However, Danielle went to the hospital for fluids via IV. Not being able to keep anything down is bad when your nine months pregnant. That was Thursday night. My mom took the kids so I could sit with Danielle in the hospital. We got home at around three or four in the morning. She was doing much better after the fluids. We went to sleep. I woke up three hours later with the bug and suffered greatly for no IV. No actual barfing for me. But I did spend from 7AM until 5PM in the bed with every muscle in my body spasming, starting at the stomach and working its way out. So, that was rad.

We left the kids in charge on Saturday. Seriously, the bar was not dead. Happy to say we met it. The house is destroyed, though. Danielle is up and moving around today. At least, as much as a bedridden nine months pregnant tachycardia having woman can be expected to be.

I ate a sandwich today! I’m off work tomorrow to finish getting my legs under me. And also to clean up the house. Because. Wow.

On the plus side, we had the guys out working on our basement. We’re dividing the great room downstairs into a theater and a nursery. And, that’s almost done. We are pretty excited. I’ll put up pictures once it’s all done.

Other events of note? Let’s see. Claire had tubes put in her ears. Where the doctors were expecting to find fluid, they found nearly congealed goop. So. Gross. But! Claire can hear now! Well, at least without constantly raising our voices. And she shouts less now. I mean, she’s still half a Bullard. So. The volume isn’t going all the way down. But, it was pretty painless all in.

Danielle is doing well. Previous medical issues aside . They aren’t getting worse and she’s been keeping her activity level to a minimum. Which has helped. Yesterday exploded that track record though.

The new baby is doing great, though. And, I think we’ve settled on a name. Maybe. We will let you know in April.

Otherwise. You know. We’re trucking on through. It’s been a busy few months for us. I can’t wait til the third kid gets here so we can settle back down!