New Baby Boogaloo









Day 2 comes to a close. And every one is exhausted. The girls got to spend some time together yesterday and today. I think yesterday they were both a bit freaked out by the hospital environment. Today, it capital W whatevs.

Claire went to school today to tell everybody the name of her new sister. Tomorrow, the school director is going to print out the picture of Claire smiling so she can show all the kids her new sister. Whose name is Isabella Quinn Not Just Quinn Come On Mom And Dad Get It Right.

I asked Harper if Quinn was her sister. Harper said No. I said, yes this is your sister. Harper said no and jumped out of my lap. She ran and pushed Claire in the back shouting at me that this was her sister and that was a baby. Otherwise, she’s interested in the baby but I’m not sure she comprehends her new status as forgotten middle child.

I am working this week. With Danielle’s mom here to help truck the kids to daycare and then to sit with Danielle in the hospital, we thought it’d be a better use of leave for me to work out the week. It’s a good idea, but it’s hard to be away from girls. Still. It isn’t so rough for me. And by that I mean, I’m so super tired I’m no longer assessing things accurately.

Check back later for more photos. To bed with me.>

2 thoughts on “New Baby Boogaloo

  1. Billy, your photos are wonderful. After raising our three daughters, your comment “not sure she comprehends her new status as forgotten middle child.” is very important. You must speak to Beth about ‘middle child’ syndrome. Thanks for posting and keeping all of us ‘foreign family’ in the loop!
    Hugs to you, Danielle, Claire, & Harper. Love for Quinn – but no hugs – I have a cold 😉

  2. Hey! No colds for me either. Working in a shift work environment has turned me into a germ-avoidant.

    I may have to talk to Beth about that. We’ve got some things planned for the near future to help both girls feel like they haven’t suddenly been deprived of attention and fun time. I’ll put those up once we get to them.

    But, levity aside, forgotten middle child syndrome is definitely on our radar to address pro-actively. I’m sure we will make mistakes though.

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