Settling In For The Long Haul





Okay. Here we go. Do a good job.

For the record, I don’t think we’re feeling any additional pressure than we felt when we brought Harper home. For the additional record, we sort of thought about this a lot before we undertook it. We’ve got known knowns and known unknowns to prepare for. And there is the dreaded unknown unknowns, of course. But, hey. Mission Accomplished! Our exit strategy is _________.

In all seriousness, things are going well so far. Quinn is, so far, a good eater and a content baby. I think things will continue to go well until the first round of disease. Inshallah, that will be after Danielle is back to 100%. Or, at least, a working parent with three kids version of 100%.

As for me, I’m on baby leave for awhile yet. So. The reclaiming of our housing space projects will continue for the immediate future. Also, hopefully, the blog posts will continue with more frequent regularity. Otherwise, I’ll be super bush with the family. Because, you know. We’re an expanding enterprise. And that takes some care and concern to pull off.>

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