This blog started in August of 2009 with the birth of my first daughter. It started its run known as The Life and Times of Charlotte Claire Dass. With the birth of my second daughter, The Life and Times of Charlotte Claire and Alexandra Harper Dass seemed a bit much. And now with Isabella Quinn. Forget about it. At least, I certainly wouldn’t get that tattooed on my arm. Thus, The Dass Chronicle. A title which I do not have tattooed on my arm, but totally could if I wanted. You never know.

Its daily function is to keep family and friends updated with the goings on of our family. However, it is also to preserve something for Claire, Harper and Quinn. Something that will offer not just the story of their childhood but also give them some insight into what this experience was like. For them, for Danielle and for myself. The Dass Chronicle may only represent a slice of our lives, but it is a very personal slice. If they ever ask you if this is what I’m really like, you’d be accurate in saying yes, but with more swearing.

Okay. I’ll cop. It’s a giant brag book. I like to think of it as the Brag Book of the 21st Century Aughts. Because everybody knows that’s what TUMBLR is for now.

I am also on Twitter and Facebook where I talk about other things.

You won’t like it.  You’ll love it.  OR THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES.  I will find you.  Daniel Day-Lewis taught me that.

There are an unjustifiable number of Daniel Day-Lewis references buried in this blog. Just like real life.

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