The Big One


It’s been a busy year with three kids in the house. All the trials and so forth. The schedule adjustments. The long nights. Or short sleeps. Whichever. It’s been easier than I thought it would be, if that makes any sense. But, wow. Seeing little bit all but walking around at this point is something. 

Quinn is a much cooler customer than her sisters. Unless you prevent her from doing what she wants. Then she’s all SHOUTY. But, mostly, she’s happy following her sisters around and trying to play their games. Or, eat their food. Or, drink their drinks. She’s King Louie, man. I’m thrilled and amazed everyday to see the personalities forming in my kids. It’s a trip. A blessed trip. An overwhelmingly terrifying responsibility of a trip, sure. But, mostly. It’s cool. And Quinn is the coolest of cool.

The Big Three Pi


It’s a little late. I know. It’s hard to believe HARPER is three now. Ha! Three going on fifteen. This kid. She talks a mile a minute. From eyes open to eyes shut. It’s all earnest consideration of others with her. When she realized she had all these presents, she set them all out on the table. One for each person. So we could all share. She’s turning into quite the little person.