Harper Plays A Game






I believe this game is called Pick Up The Crayons Put Them In The Bin Throw The Crayons On The Ground And Laugh.

I mean, she’s not even one. It’s a pretty detailed game for an 11 month old. I make the assumption that babies name their games by just describing what they do. Very German of them, I think.



It’s a relatively busy time for milestones. I predict my Jeep will hit 100K miles on my way home from work Friday. Or, thereabouts. So, that’s something.

Also, the blog passed 20,000 page views today. At least, that’s since October 2010 when I moved it to WordPress. Which is a surprisingly large number for a brag book/history project. And I think it’s been about 500 posts since I moved it over to WordPress.

So, yeah. Milestones.

Feed The Baby!




Claire really likes to feed Harper. Actually, now that Claire is feeling a bit better, she really likes doing anything. That’s just how she roles. Harper can take it or leave it as long as someone puts the food in her mouth.

See, Claire gets distracted. She’s three. no surprise there. But, then Harper has to get all shouty shouty to get Claire to keep shoveling food into her mouth. Harper isn’t even one. But she’ll eat her some food. And now!

The Burps


Poor Claire. She’s got a little bit of a stomach virus. Yesterday, she had a bit of a regurgitation issue. She calls it “burping”. So. Yeah. If my kid tells you she’s gotta burp real bad, like. Watch out.

I asked her how her stomach was feeling this morning. She said, “Daddy, I only burped yesterday!” So, I picked her up off the bed and she actually burped. I set her down and asked if she was okay. She said “No, the burps all gone.”

I can see where this is going to lead to some fundamental communication issues.