Birth of a Princess

On August 12, 2009 at 4:23 AM Charlotte Claire Dass was born.  She weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces and measured 19 inches.

After she was weighed and measured, I got to introduce Claire to her mom for the first time. 

Claire and I went to the nursery while they took care of mom.  She was bathed for the first time while there.  Claire told me that I was cool, but that the infidel molesting her had to die.  30 minutes old and already commanding the fate of the uiverse around her.  I can only imagine her at 17.

After her bath she got to work on her tan under a nice warm lamp.  All the other babies in the nursery were crying, but I think she was too tired from her ordeal.  She really didn’t want to leave the womb.  She looked around alot.  But, mostly, she just made amalgams of happy faces and frowny faces at me.  She and I talked for about 30 minutes.  I told her how knees work.  She was fascinated.  Already skilled in the art of polite conversation, she continued our talk by informing me of just how cool my finger is.  At least, until she realized that ‘finger’ didn’t mean ‘boob’.  And then polite conversation went out the window.  She demanded a real boob.  In return, she would spare the lives of the foolish infidels surrounding her.

Finally, mom was ready for Claire.  So, we bundled the baby up, packed her in a bassinet on wheels, and carted her over to meet mom.  Claire got to ride from recovery to our ‘hotel’ room on mom’s chest.  Not even two hours old and her first roller coaster rides.  The carts are very loud when they travel.  It was an odd scene with a loud whiny cart struggling to wind its way down the hall whilst containing a very content and alert baby.  Even now, when taking the baby to the nursery, it seems odd to me that whining carts don’t seem to disturb sleeping Claire.

It was a really long span of time for everyone.  We had checked into the hospital at 5:30 PM on Monday.  At 7:30 Tuesday morning, Danielle’s induction started.  Claire wasn’t born until 4:23 AM on Wednesday.  Danielle, myself and the baby weren’t back in our room until 6:30 AM.  The assorted families came and met the baby.  Neither of us really got to rest until until about noon on Wednesday.  I escaped home and passed out at 12:30, having had only an hour of sleep since Monday.  Danielle slept in the room while the family sat with the baby.


The sunset on Claire’s first day.  Even though that wasn’t really the end of the day. 

After getting some rest, I went back to the hospital at about 9PM.  I stayed until about 2AM.  I made sure Danielle and the baby were both sleeping.  Claire is perfect, of course.



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